Reconstructive Tattooing

3D Areola and Nipple Tattoo for Women and Men

Julie Anderson - Second Base Tattoos

Meet Julie

I’m Julie Anderson, Director and Artist behind Second Base Tattoos in Columbus, Ohio. My goal is to provide the finest 3D areola and nipple tattoos for individuals, female and male, who have undergone mastectomy and/or breast reconstruction.



By appointment only. Please call or email for your no-fee consultation.


let us be the comfort

as you embrace the new, beautiful you...

3D Areola and nipple tattoo

  • Original tattooing

  • Re-work and touch up

Li FT Method

  • Saline tattoo lightening and removal

Tattooed Eyebrow Application

  • Microblade

  • Machine strokes

  • Powder brow

What to Expect

An initial consult for a breast tattoo consists of an evaluation of the breasts in their current state.  It must be at least 6 months following the final reconstructive surgery to allow the breasts and surrounding tissue to fully heal and “settle”.  


We will discuss the details of your tattoo experience and schedule your appointment for tattooing.


Fees and Insurance

Fees are determined at time of no-fee consultation. I make no guarantees regarding insurance reimbursement or payment but i am happy to assist with the proper codes for filing your claim. Many hospitals and doctors will provide this service performed by nurses or technicians with minimal training.

Please consider seeing a professional tattooist for the beautiful result you deserves


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely."

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